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          Sincere, Pioneering, Innovative

          Philosophy of management:

          Stringent discipline, unanimous steps, prompt response, strict enforcement of orders and bans Communication, training, stimulation, improvement All are done in compliance with the economic law.

          Working style: Today must borrow nothing of tomorrow; Promises must be kept and action must be resolute, of speedy and strict enforcement.

          Working environment: Every one is the master and working is like amusement.

          Philosophy of development:

          Explore and innovate, pursue excellence.

          Philosophy of marketing:

          Customer?ˉs need is what Yiguan people pursues.

          To provide customers with better service.

          Philosophy of employment:

          Mechanism of employment: competition, stimulation, elimination.

          Appoint people on their abilities: Possess both ability and political integrity, assign job according to one?ˉs ability, and the fittest survives.

          Appoint people on their merits: The capable ascends, the common yields and the mediocre retires. More pay for more work. Submit to the team.