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          Company profile

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          Ningbo New Guanlian Motor Electronic CO., LTD, is located in China Yangtze River Delta coastal city - - - Ningbo; highway, railway, airfreight, sea traffic are very convenient. The company is close to Ningbo Lishe International Airport and Hangzhou-Ningbo, Ningbo-Jinhua, Ningbo-Wenzhou expressway and modern Beilun port.

          Our company has strong technological strength, advanced development mode, the most advanced production equipment of the national motor industry, first-class testing equipment, and perfect modern management system. All products are produced in accordance with the national CCC standards; products reach to domestic and international advanced level of similar products. All products pass the European Community CE, ROHS certification; part of products also obtained the United States of America UL certification. The company passes the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

          Our company specializes in the production magnet series synchronous motor, asynchronous series motor, and dc gear series motor and so on. Since its start, we developing on the spirit of” quality first, pursuit excellence”, based on market demands and technology development, pragmatic and innovation, so the products are quite satisfying to customers’ requirements and adapt to the development of the market.

          From 1992 to 2012, relying on abundant technical force, strong marketing team and the huge sales network, the company is rapid development. The company will pursue quality service and management technology to win the support from new and regular customers forever, expand the market and service to customers. We will always stand at the new starting point, to expanding, pursuing, enterprising and creating, your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.